Med-Vet-Wp21b Veterinary Semi-Automatic Biochemical Analyzer

Vet Semi-auto Chemistry AnalyzerMED-VET-WP21B  Specifications:Light Source: 6V 10W, halogen lamp with life time more than 2000 hoursSpectrometer: interference filter.Wavelength: 340nm,380nm,405nm,505nm,546nm,578nm,620nm, and one wavelength free.CML precision: ±2nmFWHM: ≤10nmStray light:≤0.5%(absorbance≥2.5)A

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Vet Semi-auto Chemistry Analyzer
Med-Vet-Wp21b Vet Semi-Auto Chemistry Analyzer

Light Source: 6V 10W, halogen lamp with life time more than 2000 hours
Spectrometer: interference filter.
Wavelength: 340nm,380nm,405nm,505nm,546nm,578nm,620nm, and one wavelength free.
CML precision: ±2nm
FWHM: ≤10nm
Stray light:≤0.5%(absorbance≥2.5)
Absorbance range: -0.214~3.000
Absorbance linearity: ±1%
Absorbance repeatability: ±0.001
Absorbance resolution: 0.0001
Precision: ≤1.0
Carry over: ≤1%
Temperature: 25ºC,30ºC,37ºC,±0.3ºC
Flow cell:permanent quartz flow cell, minimal volume is 32μL, and disposable flow cell
           is selectable
Adding system: pressure auto compensation pumps ensure the accuracy of suck
Operational system: VISTA,Windows XP,Windows2000
Test Method: End point,Fixed time,Kinetic
Profile: profile and calculated item can be easy setting
Adding volume: 200μL~3000μL
Sample volume: 10μL~50μL
Reaction curve: real time display the reaction curve
Memory: embed 55 items parameters and can store more than 200 items parameters, save more
than 15000 test results, and auto recover the results if the power is off during working
QC: auto draw the QC figure
Reagent: Open reagent system
Display: LCD with high brightness
Input: key button and touch screen
Printer: Inner thermal printer,can be connected to external printer
Report content: absorbance,concentration,activity, print detail patient information and
             mark abnormal results
Interface: RS-232 serial port, can be connected to computer
Working Environment: Temperature:10ºC~30ºC;Humidity:20%RH~80%RH
Voltage: AC 85-264V,auto adapt according to the input voltage
Power Consume: ≤100W
Quality System: Recognized by TUV and CMD
Test item:
LipoproteinApo A1,Apo B,Lp(a)
Standard configuration:
1Main unit1
2Three-core Power line1
3Earth line/Earth-pole1
4Thermal Printer-paper(80mm)2
5Pump Tube3
6Teflon Tube1
7Suction Needle1
8Operation Manual1
9Operation Guideline1
10QC Passed1
11Service manual1

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