Dr. Marty Pets announces new designs for its products

2022-05-28 14:20:51 By : Ms. Sylvia Xiang

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© 2022 MJH Life Sciences™ and dvm360 | Veterinary News, Veterinarian Insights, Medicine, Pet Care. All rights reserved.

Pet food and nutrition company unveils new branding for a simpler look

Dr. Marty Pets recently refreshed the designs of its pet food products to simplify the look and focus more on the nutritional benefits the products offer.

The new visual identity of the company features more natural, subtle design elements consisting of a modernized logo, website, and packaging. Reflecting the formulas found in Dr. Marty's flagship Nature's Blend and Nature's Feast freeze-dried raw pet food lines, the new branding evokes a “powerful, yet deliberately simple look and feel.”1

The company stated that the new aesthetic aims to “reflect the mission at the core of their company, being Champions of Change.”1

Founded by Marty Goldstein, DVM, Dr. Marty Pets was launched to help improve pet health through premium quality animal nutrition. The company aims to lead the conversation around what a healthy pet's diet should be. The products reflect Goldstein’s goal of combining elements of traditional medicine with nutrition, immune support, and alternative treatments.1

Goldstein said, “We're committed to bringing education and awareness to pet parents on what a healthy diet is, and is not. For decades, the massive pet food and old-school kibble industry has been known for bringing subpar products with unhealthy, even dangerous ingredients. Responsible pet parents are more aware than ever of the constant pet food recalls, and looking for a trustworthy, healthy option.”1

Since the company’s mission is to focus on the healthy ingredients and quality of its food products, it hopes the new designs showcase those values.

“Our pets should be fed real food,” Goldstein added. “And, our hope is that this updated brand appeals to even more pet parents looking for the healthy pet products we offer.”1

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